Impact of COVID-19 on eye care in SEA region

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is an alliance of civil society organisations, corporates and professional bodies promoting eye health through advocacy, knowledge and partnerships.
Organisation: IAPB
COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on eye care delivery across the globe. Country chairs and directors list out the specific impact in their countries. Bangladesh In terms of NGO eye hospital operations across the country, a brief is given below and the government has already issued a guideline and it been strictly followed. All…

Serving the Underserved – Global Clinic

Founding Director and Head, Vision Team
Organisation: Global Clinic

Marcus Ang, Founding Director and Head, Vision Team, Global Clinic on Global Clinic’s mission focussing on their work in Okpho, Myanmar… In July last year, Global Clinic joined the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) alliance, to further and support its work in the prevention of blindness among communities in Asia and Africa. Conducting medical…

Improving Vision around the world: Introducing the Hawaiian Eye Foundation

Executive Director
Organisation: Hawaiian Eye Foundation

The Hawaiian Eye Foundation since its establishment in 1984, has been dedicated to promoting the preservation, restoration, and improvement of vision for people in the Pacific, and around the world, through charitable service and education programmes. Our mission is simple: to ensure that all people will have access to quality eye care. This is done…

2018 in Review: IAPB South-East Asia

IAPB South East Asia Regional Coordinator
Organisation: IAPB
The focus of IAPB-South-East Asia Region in the year 2018 has continued to be the operationalization of the WHO Global Action Plan (GAP) 2014-2019 and monitoring its progress. The three main objectives of GAP are: Evidence Generation – using it to advocate for political and financial commitment for eye health National Eye Health Policies, Plan…

L’OCCITANE supports UNICEF to prevent childhood blindness

General Delegate
Organisation: L'OCCITANE Foundation

On World/Universal Children’s Day, Charlotte Jonchere writes on L’OCCITANE Foundation‘s work supporting UNICEF to prevent childhood blindness. World Children’s Day, is a day dedicated to promoting the rights of every child. According to the WHO, one of the leading causes of childhood blindness is Vitamin A deficiency, which affects 137  million children under the age of five…

Data collection in IAPB SEA in 2018

IAPB South East Asia Regional Coordinator
Organisation: IAPB

Many countries in SEA region do not have authentic base-line data to measure the progress of the Global Action Plan’s (GAP) target of 25% reduction in visual impairment by 2019. The lack of a National Eye Health Action Plan and comprehensive eye care services has also been a major issue in some countries. Therefore for…

Myanmar launches National Eye Health Plan

IAPB South East Asia Regional Coordinator
Organisation: IAPB

Visual impairment and blindness is a serious public health problem in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (South East Asia). While they have made significant strides in trachoma elimination; cataract still remains a problem, responsible for 60% of all blindness. The National Eye Heath Plan 2017-2021(NEPH), the country’s first national strategic plan for eye…

Myanmar hosts a key workshop

IAPB South East Asia Regional Coordinator
Organisation: IAPB

The capital city of Myanmar – Nay Pi Taw, a beautiful and well-planned city – is mainly inhabited by Myanmarese government employees and is a sight to behold. On 27-28 July, the city played host to ‘The National Stakeholders Consultation Workshop’, organized by the Myanmarese Ministry of Health (MoH), to develop a National Action Plan…