Members Mark World Health Day 2018

Communications Manager
Organisation: IAPB

Making Health truly inclusive: Light for the World

Light For The World image

Here are the two things eye care organisations need to get right, so as to equitably address disability…

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Flächendeckende medizinische Basisversorgung für alle

Image courtesy CBM

Jeder Mensch auf der Welt sollte Zugang zu dringend benötigter medizinischer Hilfe haben. Was wie eine Selbstverständlichkeit klingt…

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Giornata mondiale della salute in vista: IAPB Italia

IAPB Italia logo

Nel mondo metà delle persone non può accedere a cure di base complete. Per questo, in occasione della Giornata mondiale della salute che si celebra il 7 aprile, si sottolinea la necessità di un accesso universale all’assistenza sanitaria…

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Right People, Right Skills: Orbis

A child and mother; Orbis, Peru.

Everyone, everywhere should be able to access the essential health services they need. We strive to ensure that the right people have the right skills to provide quality eye care to those that need it – wherever and whoever they are….

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One Bite At A Time: Orbis Africa

Elephant, close-up

Salisha Lauton, Orbis International Africa Programme Director notes that Orbis Africa is working towards achieving this elephant-sized goal in South Africa, one bite at a time.

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No one should be left behind: Our Children’s Vision

Children at a school; Our Children's Vision

Nicola Chevis, CEO, Vision Aid Overseas urges us all to join her in asking that our Heads of State, Governments, and High Representatives take meaningful action.

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(Eye) Health for All: Vision Impact Institute

Vision Impact Institute infographic

At the Vision Impact Institute, we believe that vision care services should be included in this conversation on healthcare access.

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MSICS contributes to UHC: HelpMeSee


At HelpMeSee, their mission is to eliminate cataract blindness on a global scale by using our simulation-based training program and Eye Surgical Simulator to teach Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) to surgeons.

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SDGs–and a Surprise: Operation Eyesight

SDGs awards logo

For the last six months, the Operation Eyesight Universal team has been working on an exciting project–that will be announced to mark World Health Day

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UHC Coverage (Spanish/ Catalan): Ulls Del Mon

WHO infog

Ulls Del Mon provide UHC stories in Spanish and Catalan–a great resource…

Spanish / Catalan

International Eye Foundation

WHD 2018 IEF

IEF USA mark World Health Day with an infographic…

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