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Take the survey on ‘Sustainability’ in eye care

Published: 04.03.2016

Climate change represents the biggest global public health threat of the 21st Century and the provision of healthcare can have a negative impact on the environment. Many industries and organisations are now measuring their carbon footprint and the detrimental impact of their practices on the local health of their populations. Some have developed successful strategies to reduce waste, achieve cost savings, increase productivity and minimise the negative impact of healthcare on the environment. For example high volume cataract surgical productivity with cost containment and reduced waste from high re-use/recycling rates.

Given the global awareness of Climate Change and the public health importance of its impact on healthcare, and the impact healthcare can have directly on the environment, the UK Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Centre for Sustainable Healthcare have asked IAPB to invite it’s member organisations to complete a short survey on this subject and we request you complete and return it via the surveymonkey weblink below by March 18th 2016. The results will be presented at the IAPB 10th General Assembly.


You can find the questionnaire by following this link: