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Published: 03.06.2020
Lori McCoy

In our ever changing world and getting used to the new normal, what does this mean to us?  As we move forward we ask ourselves these questions.

  • Who – are we and how can we continue to work not only internationally but also locally.
  • What – what is the new normal and how do we adapt our work to this.
  • When – will be able to travel again to our partnering countries and partnering physicians
  • Where – can we still continue the programmes that are already in place and have been successful?
  • How – can we continue to teach and train our physicians, residents, nurses, technicians, and other allied personal so that they can continue caring for patients?

These are all important questions. Just because the world has come to a standstill, patient care, blindness, and the need to still live and survive does not stop.

As the Moran Global Outreach we are committed to continuing to help those in need in our local community, as well as international partnerships in Ghana, Tanzania, Haiti, and Micronesia.  We have set up telehealth with all of our partnerships.  We have been able to help these physicians, residents and other health care workers to advise on procedures, examinations, and the many needs of their patients.

Teaching and training is another priority that we have made to our partners.  We hold weekly zoom meeting with the residency programme in Haiti. The zoom calls incorporate the local residency programme and address what they are working on in their current curriculum. We have also started a tele SICS course with them as well.  We have purchased model eyes and begun a 4-week course for them to practice, as questions, and have hands on training.

We are working on creating a sustainable programme to continue to get consumables and other supplies needed for surgery.  Creating a sustainable delivery system for eye care is one of our main priorities.

We have great partnerships with our local and international partners and want this relationship to continue, but also to grow into a program that will move forward even if we are not able to be there with them.