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IAPB Gender Equity Work Group Toolkit

The Gender Equity Toolkit provides practical content as well as links to existing resources and materials from IAPB members.
Published: 05.03.2020

In April 2018, IAPB established a Gender Equity Work Group (GEWG) to facilitate shared learning and guide advocacy efforts on gender equity. Prior to this, a survey of members was undertaken to establish a baseline on the existing gender equity policy and practice of member organisations and inform the work of the GEWG. The survey indicated a need for the development of resources that focused on programming and service delivery approaches and the development of guidelines to inform gender equity practice.

Based on these initial discussions, the Gender Equity Toolkit was formed. The toolkit is designed as a “one stop shop” for IAPB members, providing practical content as well as links to existing resources and materials from IAPB members. Primarily the toolkit aims to consolidate current evidence, principles and practices for the design and implementation of gender focussed eye health programmes.  A secondary focus includes recommendations and analysis of key issues, gaps in research and advocacy and policy development.

Tools to strengthen gender equity in your organisation

If you are interested in embedding gender equity practice inside your organisation the toolkit will assist you in the provision of organisational management and programming and advocacy that is gender sensitive, gender responsive and/or gender transformative.

Toolkit resources are divided into four sections:

  1. Organisational Development – organisational development tools and recommendations to strengthen gender equality.
  2. Program Design – Tools for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of gender equity in eye health programmes.
  3. Program Review – Tools for integrating gender into monitoring & evaluation systems.
  4. Education – Tools and resources to educate health providers on gender equity.

Interested in joining the global movement towards gender equity?

Gender inequity is pervasive and entrenched in global health, including eye health. We want to establish a baseline of gender equity responsiveness in IAPB member organisations which can be used to identify key areas for change. We are asking all IAPB members to complete an online questionnaire relating to the gender responsiveness of your organisation, including policies and practice, and the gender of your organisation’s leadership groups.

Here is the survey link, it only takes 10 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Photo credit: Woman in Ladakh receives glasses by Julie-Anne Davies