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IAPB members celebrate World Sight Day 2018: a social media round-up

Published: 24.10.2018

Photo of young girl with glasses smiling in class. Story: IAPB members celebrate World Sight Day 2018: a social media round-up
This year’s World Sight Day is just past (11th October 2018 to be exact). World Sight Day was celebrated across the IAPB membership with press conferences, walks, outreach activities, events with MoH, and more, and we loved seeing all of your celebrations and tags on social media.

We have already received emails from many of you, apprising us of your celebrations and some of you have filled out our form.

All of this feeds into our World Sight Day Activities Report, which will be released end of January 2019. Last year we hit 600 events, our hope is to hit 1000 this year to show the role eye health plays!

Before, our report comes out, we thought we’ll put together our member celebrations as seen on their social streams.

This is in no way, an indicator of all the events that took place , but are only snippets as seen by us on social media.


Standard Chartered

They auctioned limited edition LFC T-shirts.

Group A

Brien Holden Vision Institute

They had events in multiple countries. In Durban, they held screenings for the elderly, in malls and in schools. In Sri Lanka, they were part of a walk and subsequent conference. In Nigeria, they held a sensitization walk. In Uganda, they held screenings for school students.


They held multiple events in different countries. In Pakistan, they held screenings in remote districts. They held an event in Senegal, which was attended by the Minister of Health. In Kenya, they held a camp for TT and cataract surgery. In Nigeria, they held an event focusing on retinoblastoma. In Bangladesh, they took to the streets to raise awareness about eye health. In Uganda, they held an event for World Sight Day where school-children performed songs. In Zambia, they held eye screenings. In India, they held several events that included screenings, competitions etc. In London, they held a charity concert.

World Council of Optometry

They celebrated in their offices with decorations and food.

Group B

L’OCCITANE Foundation

Employees helped Lions of France hold screenings in City Hall of Paris.

IAPB Italia

They offered free eye check-ups from their mobile ophthalmic unit.


In Bangladesh, they held multiple events with partners that included CBM, VisionSpring, Sightsavers, Helen Keller International, The Fred Hollows Foundation etc. across Bangladesh including a walk.

In Ethiopia, they launched an illustrated storybook. In Zambia, they held an event, where the Zambian Minister of Health Dr Chilufya was given a tour and live demo of an eye exam at the University Teaching Hospital. In Ghana, girls combined World Sight Day and International Day of the Girl Child to march in yellow school uniforms and raise placards with key information on eye health and eye treatment. In Singapore, they held a mass blindfold luncheon for over 200 participants to celebrate World Sight Day.

In Hong Kong, they partnered with the Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society and provided free dry eye examinations by ophthalmologists for citizens. They also held a press event to share the results of an online survey conducted about dry eye syndrome.

Group C

Combat Blindness International

They held a gala for World Sight Day.

Dana Center for Preventive Ophthalmology

They held a Reddit session for World Sight Day.

Dr K Zaman BNSB Eye Hospital

They observed World Sight Day with their partners through rally’s, plays and more.

Eye Care Foundation

They celebrated by holding screenings and other activities in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal and Tanzania.

Eye Foundation

They took part on a FM radio segment for World Sight Day.

Fundación Oftalmológica Hugo D. Nano

They raised awareness about amblyopia.

Fundación Ulls del món

They celebrated World Sight Day with a fundraising challenge.

Fundación Visión

They held several activities: cataract surgeries, eye care for people with disabilities and more.

Helen Keller International

They launched a new programme for underserved children in Minnesota.

Himalayan Cataract Project

They supported partners in various countries and also released a film.


The staff attempted to eat lunch blind-folded.

Hong Kong Society for the Blind

They also marked World Sight Day by raising awareness about the need for eye check-ups.

Instituto Mexicano de Oftalmología

They launched a comic-hero video to raise awareness about eye health.

Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology

They helped raise awareness about World Sight Day and visited their partners.

King Khaled Specialist Eye Hospital

They held several activities at a mall: screenings, counseling and more.


They celebrated World Sight Day with a walk.

LV Prasad Eye Institute

They held an awareness programme at one of their centres.

Magrabi Foundation

They held various activities for World Sight Day and also released a video.

Mission for Vision

They celebrated World Sight Day with its partners in Kolkata, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, India.

Noor Dubai

They signed an MoU on World Sight Day with Dubai Health Authority to provide eye care to the poor in UAE.

Norwegian Association for the Blind

They held an event for World Sight Day.


They celebrated World Sight Day in Italy, South Africa, Malaysia and USA.

Operation Eyesight Universal

They declared several villages avoidable-blindness free in India.

Celebrations were also held in Nairobi.

Sankara Eye Foundation

They held a cricket tournament in Bengaluru, where players were blindfolded. They held a walk in Coimbatore. They held a walk in Shivamogga.

See International

They raised funds for World Sight Day and also announced their annual Humanitarian of the Year Awards recipients.

Seva Foundation

They visited their partners in India, Nepal and Guatemala.

Seva Canada

They held their annual #SweatforSight challenge to raise funds.

Severance Eye Hospital

Project BOM was part of the launch of the eye care working group in Seoul for World Sight Day.


They released a policy brief calling upon the Indian gov’t to adopt, implement & scale-up prevention efforts to eliminate corneal blindness in India.

Takeo Eye Hospital

They held free eye screenings.

Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology

They held several events and released a PSA on Refractive Error and women accessing eye care.

The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand

They celebrated World Sight Day across the regions they work in.

Ver Bien

They had a segment on the radio.


They offered free cataract surgeries for the elderly.


They held a briefing at Capitol Hill, supported by various IAPB members like ARVO, Helen Keller International, Himalayan Cataract Project, International Eye Foundation, Lighthouse Guild, Lions Club International Foundation, Prevent Blindness, Vision Impact Institute,  and more.

Vision Aid Overseas

In addition to their fundraising for World Sight Day, they held a lunch at their Headquarters.


They held multiple events in multiple countries: screenings and free cataract surgeries in India. In Uganda, they held an event in Kampala. In Nigeria, together with their partners they held a screening and awareness event. In Kenya, they held a screening event. In Zambia, with their partners that included Vision Aid Overseas they held screenings.