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Guiding principles and resource repository

Eye care services & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath is presenting unique and unprecedented challenges to eye care delivery. The COVID-19 situation in any location tends to change rapidly as infection rates fluctuate, research and understanding develop, and control strategies are changed.

It is critical that eye care providers stay updated and change practice appropriately, with prompt responses often required.

Contingency plans should be in prepared in advance to help effect these rapid responses. Clear, appropriate and inclusive communication is critical at all levels, whether this involves patients, staff, visitors or the wider community. Clear communication will help avoid confusion and needless distress, reduce infection transmission and reduce blindness by facilitating treatment reaching those who need it.


COVID-19 and Eye Health Research Round Ups


These guidelines and repository has been compiled by members of the IAPB COVID-19 Taskforce. This taskforce echoes the WHO perspective of “leave no-one behind” including non-urgent care and people with disabilities.

Resource repository

Key resources have been compiled on this page, sorted by aspects of eye care practice to make it easy to find and download guidelines for service delivery in light of COVID-19. Scroll down and select one of the following areas to view the resource repository.

Further links and resources gathered by IAPB earlier in 2020 are also available.

We know that eye care is essential and cannot be delayed indefinitely. View IAPB’s key advocacy messages on COVID-19 and eye health.

Further information on the evolving situation with COVID-19 for eye health professionals is available at the following links:

Key documents: Infection control

Key documents: Ophthalmology