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24th China National Sight Day to be observed on June 6

Published: 27.05.2019


Big Eye in 2018All IAPB members and friends across China will be participating in activities to mark 24th China National Sight Day on June 6. Amongst those will be the activities carried out by Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center (SEDPTC). Many readers will already be familiar with Big Eye, the SEDPTC mascot who teaches children about the importance of outdoor activity for healthy sight. Of course, Big Eye will appear at events in Shanghai, but this year (with a little help from IAPB) Big Eye has also gone global! Keep checking-in over the next few weeks to see Big Eye’s travels, spreading the message: Go Sunny for Sight.


Acting Theme of Twenty-fourth National Eye Care Day in 2019


The 24th “National Eye Care Day” will be conducted on June 6th, 2019. Following are the list of activities which will help popularize the idea of “Scientific Myopia Prevention and Control'” acting as the main theme of the event. In addition, it will enhance awareness and create an atmosphere for better understanding of visual care and protection in the whole society. The government will take the lead in a process that will benefit from the ministry’s cooperation, guidance from experts, schools promoting it and families owning it.

  • 活动主题Activity Theme:

共同呵护好孩子的眼睛,让他们拥有光明的未来。To care for children’s eyes altogether and to create bright futures

(二)第二部分:大眼仔星球历险记(10:00-11:30,时常约一个半小时)Part Two: Big Eyes Planets Adventure. (10:00a.m-11: 30a.m)

  • Contents: By completing orientation tasks, students can collect eye-caring knowledge of different planets. (Blu-ray planet, Infrared Planet, Ultraviolet Planet, Electronics Planet, Nutrition Planet, Otaku Planet, Green Planet, Optic Planet, Moon Planet, Fairy Planet, Pet Planet, Cartoon Planet, etc.)  Then, they will walk over 10,000 light years to Big Eyes Planet for eyes scan(high-tech free clinic) in exchange for energy blocks. After that, they can activate the seeds of eye-caring and create the bright future with Big Eyes.
  • Participants and Numbers: 1000 children and parents (Undetermined)