Achieving Gender Equity to Ensure Gender Equality in the Next Generation

Executive Director
Organisation: Seva Canada

Three women after cataract surgeryImproving gender equity in eye health helps women and girls to get an education and work, and to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Because of the number of people involved and the magnitude of the problems, ensuring women’s right to health in this generation therefore reduces health inequities by improving use of health resources in the future by the entire family.

Seva Canada recognizes the close connection between a woman’s access to health services and their economic situation. So, we employ a variety of interventions to ensure women and girls have access to care within their communities. Strategies include prioritizing funding for universal access to eye health care, funding locally designed initiatives to ensure access, and improving quality of care by strengthening both the service delivery and the institutions that provide the care.

We will continue our long-term approach to achieving gender equality, rather than diverting efforts to short term initiatives, by integrating lessons learned from our projects and from projects initiated in the wider health sector.

Seva Canada will continue to engage and empower local women to influence their wider community which has proven effective in the equity of outreach service delivery.

We will share our partner’s intervention successes, and failures, with the wider health care community so other organizations implement successful gender programming.

And finally, we will continue to support local researchers to gather sex-disaggregated data and evidence to create new interventions and to strengthen current interventions and inform their work.

To learn more, read our Gender and Blindness Booklet here or visit

Wishing everyone a very Happy International Women’s Day 2020!

Photo credit for image: Ellen Crystal

The IAPB Global Assembly 2020 (GA2020) programme has several sessions on Gender Equity and Eye Health. If your work is around the topic, do submit an abstract–the sector needs to know!


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