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How to participate in the #MakeVisionCount Photo Competition

Published: 06.07.2017
Young boy being given glasses in school while his classmates look on
School boy smiling while receiving a new pair of glasses | Photo credit: Amal Gupta, #StrongerTogether Photo Competition held for WSD 2016

It’s that time of the year again (for the third year!) when we are transported around the world by looking at your photos. The World Sight Day #MakeVisionCount Photo Competition aims to bring awareness to eye care. All of your photos are helping spread the word about the importance of eye care and to #MakeVisionCount!

The prizes for the winners of the two categories are:

• Professional: Cash prize of USD 1000
• Amateur: Canon 1200D DSLR Camera
 We will also announce five runners-up each for both the categories.

How to participate

• Upload photos on
• Once the photo is uploaded, you will get a link to your photo
• Share this link on social media and email and ask colleagues and friends to vote for your photo
You can share the photo link and ask for votes in anyway you like (including whatsapp); no login is required to vote. Don’t forget to use the social media tag – #MakeVisionCount
If you are facing trouble uploading your photos, do drop us an email at [email protected]
Children standing in line in a classroom waiting for an eye test
Eye test in school | Photo credit: Md. Mahmudul Islam, #MakeVisionCount Photo Competition held for WSD 2017

What photos to upload?

Any submission relevant to the theme whether by eye care practitioners (showing the conditions they work in, the issues and successes they have experienced), people who have been afflicted by eye diseases, people who make use of assistive devices, guide dogs etc are welcome!
Here are a few categories that participants can send photos in.
(We are not limited to this list)
• Protective eye gear
• Eye safety at the workplace
• Eye screenings at various places
• Eye conditions like cataract, trachoma, NTDs, River blindness, diabetic retinopathy
• Surgeries
• Eye care equipment
• Post operative eye care
• Eye care in schools
• Hygiene and sanitation for eye care
• Water for proper sanitation
• Eye care professionals at work
• Accessibility
• World Sight Day events
• Other such meetings and planning
This is only a list of ideas to get you started.
Orthoptist checking visual acuity of child burnt as a result of falling into cooking fire | Photo credit: Terry Cooper, #MakeVisionCount Photo Competition held for WSD 2017


The photo with the highest vote will be declared the winner. Make sure that you are sharing the uploaded photo’s link in your social messages or emails so that your friends can vote for it. We are not counting likes or re-posts / re-tweets, re-sharing or hashtags. We will however like/re-share your post if you use the #MakeVisionCount hashtag.
Upload your photos before World Sight Day, 12th October 2017 
Winners will be announced on 16th October 2017 on the IAPB website. Winners will also be contacted by email. Plan to upload your photos at least a month in advance. This will give you time to collect votes from your friends and colleagues.

Editor’s Picks

The IAPB Editor’s Picks are to let you know that we think your picture is great. Every week, we select a few photos, giving them a boost of 100 points to encourage you to send us more submissions and to get more votes for your photo(s). We also share the Editor’s Picks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to give you extra visibility. Follow us to see the Editor’s Picks.
Send us your photo now: 
Happy clicking!
The #MakeVisionCount Photo Competition is organised by IAPB (in partnership with Bayer) to bring awareness about World Sight Day (12th October 2017).

Photo credit:
School boy smiling while receiving a new pair of glasses by Amal Gupta
Eye test in school by Md. Mahmudul Islam
Orthoptist checking visual acuity of child burnt as a result of falling into cooking fire by Terry Cooper