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Published: 24.05.2019

Member Map Screenshot/ Story: IAPB Membership Map – Phase 2

The IAPB Membership Map was created in response to introductory membership calls that IAPB CEO Peter Holland and Emma Foote held over the course of summer 2018. Members clearly stated that having a blueprint of where other members work would help not only connect them with each other, but would show them where the need for more projects and collaboration is.

IAPB began compiling information for the map at the Council of Members in Hyderabad September 2018 and this formed the major interactive activity on the IAPB stand.

Members could input their details into the laptop and see themselves appear live on the map.

The Map has was officially launched in Membership Matters in October 2018 and has now been running for five months as of March 2019.

Stats and feedback

The stats and feedback below celebrate the success of Phase One:






Launching Phase Two

Phase Two of the Membership Map will aim to encourage further partnerships and collaboration between members. We want 100 members on the map in preparation for the launch of Phase Two on World Sight Day 2019. The map not only provides vital contact information for members worldwide but will now provide a further information on specific eye care activities.

We are looking for details like which eye diseases do you run programme for? Cataract – Check, Glaucoma – No, DR- Yes, ROP – No etc.

In order to have your organisations up on the new map, please complete the short form here: