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Published: 09.02.2016

VISION 2020 Norway has a new board, who now formally consitute the VISION 2020 Norway committee. The board expressed its gratitude for the servcies rendered by the outgoing Chair, Nina Holte and welcomed the new chair, Anne Norvik Jervell of the Norwegian Association of Optometrists. The Board has representations from the ophthalmic and optometric groups, the Norwegian Association of Blind and Partially Sighted, Right to Sight, Norway and an observer from the Ministry of Health. Created with the aim to improve eye health in Norway–in every way–and to contribute to the global blindness prevention movement, you can read more about us here

VISION 2020 Norway committee members

(Anne Norvik Jervell, Terje Iversen, Nina Holst, Helle Krisine Falkenberg and Vibeke Sundling–not in that order)

Nina Holte and Anne Norvik Jervell, VISION 2020 Norway

(Nina Holte, the outgoing Chair and Anne Norvik Jervell, the new Chair of VISION 2020 Norway)