In Search of a Smart Silent Thief

Glaucoma Specialist
Organisation: National Eye Centre, Kaduna, Nigeria
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr Abdullahi Sadiq Mohammed takes to fiction to illustrate glaucoma's impact! Family members of a renowned Professor of medicine are yet to recover from the tragedy that had befallen them following a devastating and heart-breaking theft that resulted in a total loss of vision. It was a theft in broad daylight…

Glaucoma in South Korea

Organisation: Severance Hospital
South Korea has been collecting epidemiological data regarding eye health from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) since 2008. A considerable amount of scientific articles have been published from this data about an ethnically homogeneous population with high myopia and prevalence of various eye diseases. The results of the survey emphasize the…

Overcoming Barriers and Scaling Glaucoma Treatment in Africa

Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Kellogg Eye Center for International Ophthalmology and Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Tennessee
Organisation: Kellogg Eye Center for International Ophthalmology
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr Scott Lawrence, Kellogg Eye Center for International Ophthalmology (KECIO) at the University of Michigan, writes about the three "As" of Glaucoma care in Africa. I had recently moved from my comfortable academic practice in the United States to work full-time in Ethiopia when SG, a 45-year-old mother of three young children, pushed…

Paediatric Glaucoma: Global Challenges and Emerging Solutions

Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Director of The Samuel & Ethel Balkan International Pediatric Glaucoma Center
Organisation: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr. Alana L. Grajewski, Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Director of The Samuel & Ethel Balkan International Pediatric Glaucoma Center at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at University of Miami discusses global challenges and emerging solutions for pediatric glaucoma. Paediatric glaucoma, also known as childhood glaucoma, is a group of diseases that…

Sub-Specialty Training is Key to Addressing Glaucoma

Communications Manager
Organisation: Himalayan Cataract Project
For World Glaucoma Week, Angelia Rorison, Himalayan Cataract Project on why sub-Specialty Training is key to Addressing Glaucoma. Access to eye care services is one of the biggest challenges to providing glaucoma treatment in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in rural areas. Routine eye exams and basic treatment are often unavailable. Both are crucial components…

3rd International Glaucoma Symposium at Eye Foundation Hospital

Executive Assistant
Organisation: Eye Foundation Hospital
For World Glaucoma Week, Eye Foundation Hospital Group on their glaucoma symposium, discussing the priorities they identify in Africa... As we mark World Glaucoma Week 2019, we note the ongoing efforts and collaborations aimed at tackling the menace of Glaucoma in Nigeria. Glaucoma remains one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. It is…

Glaucoma in Latin America

Professor and Head of Ophthalmology, University Favaloro School of Medical Sciences and President-Elect World Glaucoma Association
Organisation: University Favaloro School of Medical Sciences
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr Fabian Lerner discusses glaucoma in Latin America—a region where prevalence is poorly understood... Little is known about the prevalence of glaucoma in Latin America, as very few population-based studies are published in the literature. Moreover, there is no "one" population in Latin America, as, even within a country there are…

Glaucoma in Portugal

Glaucoma specialist, Centro Hospitalar e Universitário São João and Professor of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto
Organisation: Centro Hospitalar e Universitário São João
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr João Barbosa Breda, writes about glaucoma in Portugal. Dr Breda is part of Allergan Foundation's International Glaucoma Panel. In Portugal, the westernmost country of Europe, a recent study of national prescription data shows that 2.2% (231,634 inhabitants) of the total Portuguese population is under some type of eyedrops1. Moreover, in…

Hope and glaucoma – The need to advocate and educate

Head of Department & Consultant Ophthalmologist
Organisation: Hospital Selayang
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr Mohd Aziz Husni, a reluctant ophthalmologist on how hope led to him choosing glaucoma as his sub-speciality and why we need to advocate and educate... You can call me a reluctant ophthalmologist. Apart from 3 weeks of ophthalmology during medical school, I knew very little about it other than it…

Improving Accessibility to New Glaucoma Treatment Options

Assistant Professor, National University Of Singapore and Consultant Ophthalmologist, National University Hospital
Organisation: National University Of Singapore
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr Chelvin Sng on how just early diagnosis of glaucoma isn't enough in Asia and Africa to save sight and the need to improve accessibility to new glaucoma treatment options... Glaucoma is the leading cause of global irreversible blindness, and glaucoma treatment, generally, prevents progression of the disease by reducing eye pressure.…

Glaucoma – a way forward

Organisation: Glaucoma Center- Morocco
For World Glaucoma Week, Dr. Sidi Mohamed Ezzouhairi pens a personal piece touching on IOP in glaucoma, the conflict of interest for ophthalmologists and more... Glaucoma in Morocco, as in the rest of the world, represents the second leading cause of blindness. The burden of glaucoma, the silent thief of sight, is very high in…

Training surgeons through simulation: A BCBP-funded project

Fundraising Manager
Organisation: British Council for Prevention of Blindness
For World Glaucoma Week, Emma McGuigan on how the British Council for Prevention of Blindness is helping train surgeons quickly to tackle conditions like glaucoma... I joined the British Council for Prevention of Blindness (BCPB) in July 2017 as a Fundraising Manager. I was shocked at the time to find out about the prevalence of…

Improving the vision of glaucoma patients

Managing Director, CERA
Organisation: Centre for Eye Research Australia
For World Glaucoma Week, Keith Martin writes on glaucoma and his work which is focused on improving the vision of glaucoma patients. As President of the World Glaucoma Association, I think World Glaucoma Week is one of the most important contributions we make to raising awareness about glaucoma, a disease that remains the biggest cause…