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Published: 17.03.2017

90 Italian cities have marked World Glaucoma Week (12 to 18 March 2017) with a variety of events. Promoted by IAPB Italy and arranged with the local support from the Italian Blind Union, these events included:

  • free ophthalmic check-ups in 50 cities, both in eye care facilities and mobile ophthalmic units.
  • nearly 30 meetings discussing glaucoma have been arranged throughout Italy with ophthalmologists,
  • and leaflets about glaucoma awareness have been handed out everywhere in Italy.

Like in other developed countries, also in Italy, one in two persons are unaware about the condition (it estimated to affect nearly 500,000 people in Italy) – underscoring the need for more awareness.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of irreversible blindness globally and it could affect 76.6 million people in 2020. Prevention and timely treatment are very important to avoid eye damage, in particular to the head of the optic nerve.


Tonometria a bordo di un'Unità mobile oftalmica“It is very important to protect our sight from glaucoma, otherwise you can become blind or visually impaired – your visual field can narrow because of this eye disease. High intraocular pressure is a real threat to our eyes”, the President of IAPB Italy Giuseppe Castronovo said. “However, the damage caused by glaucoma is preventable, in most cases, thanks to an early diagnosis. I address an appeal to all families: save your eyes, the light of life, the symbol of our health, of freedom and autonomy of everybody because a good sight means life”, Castronovo concluded.