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Published: 10.05.2019

Mrs Agbaje giving lectures to mid level Ophthalmic Technicians/ Story: Working towards Health for All

Today, the Eye Foundation Hospital Group (EFHG) celebrates the hard work and contributions of nurses in healthcare for all. We recognize the contributions of our nursing professionals and their key role in our healthcare delivery system. To mark this special day, two of our nursing staff share their experiences.

A richly rewarding experience – Mrs Rebecca Agbaje

In the 17 years since I joined EFHG, I have had the opportunity to work in different capacities. All of which have been a richly rewarding experience.

As a practicing nursing professional, one aspect of my role is educating and counselling patients. In an outpatient clinic, both are crucial for engaging patients. This ensures they understand treatment protocols, abide by prescribed treatment guidelines ultimately leading to good treatment outcomes.

At the Hospital, we work with vulnerable groups and communities through outreaches. I have, over the years, been actively involved in leading community outreaches in villages/towns with little or no eye care services. Being part of such programmes is fulfilling, especially when surgical eye pads are taken off from previously blind patients. Those beaming smiles always gives me immense satisfaction.

In an ever-changing world, providing quality care requires constant training and personal development. I have been opportune to constantly improve my capabilities while working within the Hospital. I have also been able to contribute to the development of other healthcare professionals through mentoring. This includes being part of a training programme for mid-level ophthalmic professionals to strengthen the local talent and pool of care providers in the ophthalmic sector. On the whole, I love being a nurse and also one within an enriching environment as the Eye Foundation Hospital Group.

Passion for Ophthalmic Nursing – Mr Paul Nwagala

Paul Nwagala_Opthalmic Nurse
Paul Nwagala

I began my career as an Ophthalmic Nurse in a primary eye center, and later applied to work with the Eye Foundation Hospital Group (EFHG). 19 years later, I am still as passionate about Ophthalmic Nursing and continue to learn every day. Over the years at the Hospital, I have worked in out-patient, pre and post-operative care, outreach, mid-level ophthalmic professional training, and as an examiner.

I have been fortunate to work with highly skilled professionals. The EFHG structure has enabled Nurses (Ophthalmic and Non-Ophthalmic) to be confident enough to challenge the practice and push the boundaries of work at an advanced level. In my role as an eye health project manager, I had the opportunity to lead the largest community outreach organized by EFHG.

I am also very passionate about education and ophthalmology. Working at EFHG has given me a platform to pursue these interests. I teach staff new skills to ensure that our patients are being treated by knowledgeable, highly-trained staff, delivering evidenced-based nursing care. Today, I am proud to be part of the story as a nurse contributing my own bit towards EFHG’s vision of eliminating avoidable blindness in our society.

Image on top: Mrs Agbaje giving lectures to mid level Ophthalmic Technicians