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Courtney Murphy

Courtney began her journey with Prevent Blindness Wisconsin as an intern. Over the course of several years, she has become a key member of the PBW team. Currently, a Community Health Manager, Courtney is responsible for adult programming and has worked to bring new partners/collaborators to Prevent Blindness Wisconsin. As a result, PBW has been able to serve a larger number of deserving clients. One case in point is Courtney’s success at cultivating a working relationship with the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD). Multiple grants from the NACDD have funded our work with the Hmong and Hispanic populations, and Courtney continues work with the NACDD and CDC as PBW grows this program.

The pandemic did not deter Courtney from furthering Prevent Blindness Wisconsin’s mission. Unable to meet in person, Courtney held live Facebook presentations on various vision health topics. In addition, she approached PBW’s national organization, Prevent Blindness America, and requested Affiliate meetings be held for the various program staff members. One of Courtney’s many strengths is that she leads by example. As head of PBW’s program team, she leads the program staff meetings and fosters not only the growth of fellow team members, but also the growth of many interns who report to her. She serves as a great example of what an internship can turn into!

Finally, Courtney’s passion is evidenced in her dedication to her clients. She works tirelessly and always performs well beyond her job description in her work with the homeless, veterans, elderly, and children of all ages. Courtney’s overarching goal is to help her clients receive the eye care they need and deserve.

From her work with colleagues to her commitment to her clients, Courtney continues to prove herself a dedicated vision health care advocate. She is driven to reach her full potential by helping others reach theirs. Clearly, Courtney is deserving of the designation Future Leader!

“My job has allowed me to practice humility, grace and connect with people I never would have thought would come into my life. Behind every person is a story. You don’t know what their lives hold, and it humbles you. The joy and passion I get from helping others is what drives me. Being able to see clearly and live a quality life should never be a question as to whether you should have it or not. The most selfish thing you can do in this world is help someone else and that is my reality every day.”

– Courtney Murphy