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Noora el kouka

In line with global and UAE priorities in accelerating the implementations of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable development goals (SDGs), Noora Elkouka had led in aligning the works and programmes of Noor Dubai with the SDGs. She has encouraged the foundation to prioritize programmes that achieve the goals of the SDGs, especially those relating to health SDG 3), education (SDG 4) and gender equality (SDG 5). Noora ensured activities and programmes of Noor Dubai collate and report data that relates to the indicators and targets of the SDGs. These highlighted the important role that charities play in driving the SDGs and the role of the UAE in supporting the implementation of 2030 SDG agenda.

In recognition of that, the World Government summit that supports UN SDG secretariat had appointed the Noor Dubai into the SDG Global councils for the period 2021-2023. The council is a unique network of decision makers from governments, international organizations, academia, charitable organizations, and the private sector, which work together to oversee innovative projects and discuss creative ideas towards the implementation of the SDGs at national and global levels.

For the council, Noora is working in developing additional project plan for the Noor Dubai that will outline the objectives, tasks, impact measurements, and milestones for the Council, which will be presented at annual World Government Summit in January 2022.

Furthermore, Noora manages the marketing and communications department of Noor Dubai. Her focus includes working with project managers in the field on collecting patient stories and documenting their journeys and the impact that the treatment has had on both the patients, their families and immediate communities both economically and socially. She believes in the importance of highlighting Noor Dubai’s role in not only providing treatment but also improving the well- being and quality of life of the persons receiving treatment and the positive impact on the quality of life and socio-economic status of their families. This technique has been successful in raising awareness about Noor Dubai’s programmes both locally and abroad and in securing major donations across the private and government sector.

“I joined Noor Dubai because I believed in the importance of making a difference in the world. Coming from a banking background, I never felt any job satisfaction at the end of the day or that I made a difference in someone’s life. Having been active in the world of volunteering on a personal level and reaping the rewards of giving back, I decided to pursue a career in the world of philanthropy. In my role as a marketing and communications manager, I continuously put the needs of our patients first and strive every day to positively impact their lives through sharing their stories with the world.”

– Noora el kouka