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IAPB Members and Friends Supporting Eye Health in China

Published: 08.06.2018

Qinghai school screeningIAPB的成员和伙伴们全力支持中国的眼健康事业:

IAPB is very grateful for the work done by the eye health sector in China and the significant impact this has both within China and beyond. We’re proud to have brought you some of these stories during the week of China National Sight Day 2018.


This would not have been possible without the support of two of our partners:


Firstly, NIHA – the National Institute of Hospital Administration. In 2017 NIHA hosted the first China National Eye Health Conference with support from IAPB and members. Of course, there are many eye conferences in China, but IAPB is proud that a public health focused eye health conference was initiated by NIHA after representatives attended 10GA in Durban. We are thrilled to support NIHA in the 2nd National Eye Health Conference from August 23 – 25 in Hefei. This year the focus will be on an ‘ideas exchange.’

第一位伙伴,中国国家卫生计生委医院管理研究所(NIHA)。 2017年NIHA在IAPB及其成员们的支持下主办了首届中国眼健康大会。当然,在中国有很多的眼科会议,但在参加了于德班举行的10GA之后,这次由NIHA发起的,以公共健康为重点的全国眼健康会议让IAPB深感自豪。IAPB很高兴能够在8月24日至26日在合肥举办第二届中国眼健康大会上,继续支持NIHA。今年的会议将以“观点交流” 为重点。

Please see a link to the report on last year’s event.


Secondly, support from Lions Clubs international Foundation (LCIF) has allowed us to translate much of the material this week.


LCIF with a proud history in China, has partnered with National Health Commission and China Disabled Persons’ Federation launching SightFirst China Action (SFCA) Project nationwide in 1997. SFCA Phase 1-2 (1997-2007) supported 5.2 millions cataract surgeries, trained over 60,000 eye doctors and personnel, and established 210 eye care units in underdeveloped counties throughout China. Phase 3 (2012-2016) focused on verification of elimination of blinding trachoma in China. Through assessment in 16 provinces that were historically trachoma endemic or economically depressed, SFCA proved blinding trachoma was no longer a public health problem. In past 20 years, SFCA greatly promoted the blindness prevention and treatment in China and with extensive effort by the government, accelerated the development of eye health system. Lions and the Chinese government are now in conversation on the continued partnership of SFCA.


Thank you NIHA and LCIF and all who have contributed this week.


Image on top: Qinghai school screening/LCIF

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