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Nursing within International Development Programmes

Published: 11.05.2018

Nursing within International Development Programmes. XiuMy belief that all human being should have the right to health, regardless of color, religion, or financial status, drew me towards a professional career as a nurse.

Nǐ hǎo. I am Xiao Ying Liu, a registered nurse from a small village in Wuhan, China and I work as a Staff Nurse on ORBIS International’s Flying Eye Hospital – a hospital with wings. Like the dedicated colleagues and volunteers, I work with, I share their same philosophy, that “Health is a Human Right” and it is an essential component of saving sight in lower resource locations around the world.

One of the principle ways to provide that right to health care is through service capacity development, and since I joined ORBIS, both as a trainee in my home town in 2007, and then as a staff nurse in 2010, I have conducted many nurse training programs around the world. My role on the frontline is to directly increase access to health services.

To me, having received training from ORBIS, and now being able to ‘give it back’ is important, and demonstrates the impact that training and capacity development can have. I now support training in hospital services such as pre-and-post operative care, the operating theatre, recovery and instrument sterilization. I work in both direct patient care and in the classroom.

I continue to support my home country both in my position with ORBIS and through my ongoing connection with my home town, as China is estimated to have the largest number of blind people in the world (around 8.2 million, one out of every five people are suffering visual impairment, with less than 40 ophthalmologists for every 1 million people).

I now live my dream of supporting all human beings, and I am now instrumental in the planning and organizing nurse training in lower resource locations, such as: Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Syria, Nepal, El-Salvador, Panama, Mongolia, Cameroon, Bangladesh, and Peru – with Barbados to follow. I encourage all nurses to follow their dream and get involved in supporting eye care in their community and beyond. You will make a difference.

Photo credit: Hands-on training in Progress; photo by Geoff Bugbee for Orbis.

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