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A Walk in the Park with Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Centre

Published: 06.06.2018


Story: Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Centre Get Sunny for Sight event/Children enjoying outdoors at the Get Sunny for Sight event

IAPB is delighted that the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Centre (SEDPTC), our strong partner in China, invited us to attend “Get Sunny for Sight”. Held last Sunday, it was the perfect introduction to a week of awareness raising. In line with the theme of June 6 – Correct Myopia Scientifically, Care for Children’s Eye Health – SEDPTC invited over 1000 children and their families to participate in a series of outdoor activities at the Gulf National Forest Park on the outskirts of Shanghai. The event was attended by a host of local dignitaries as well as representatives from IAPB members Brien Holden Vision Institute and Orbis. Guests included Associate Director Zhao Dandan from Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Associate Director Ni Minjing from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Deputy District Head Hua Yuan from Fengxin Government.

IAPB很高兴收到来自我们在中国的强大合作伙伴——上海市眼病防治中心(SEDPTC)的邀请,参加了于上周日举行的“目”浴阳光系列青少年健康促进活动。该活动为接下来这一周的主题开启了完美的第一篇章。为响应今年6月6日中国爱眼日的主题——“科学防控近视,关爱孩子眼健康“,SEDPTC组织了超过1000名儿童及其家人到上海郊区的奉贤海湾国家森林公园参加了一系列户外活动。当地政府要员以及来自IAPB,Brien Holden Vision Institute和Orbis的成员代表出席了此次活动。当日嘉宾包括上海市卫生计生委副主任赵丹丹,上海市教委副主任倪闽景和奉贤区区长华源。

Those of you unfamiliar with the increasing public health issue of myopia may be asking yourselves why is it so important for SEDPTC to promote outdoor activity?


Well, according to SEDPTC monitoring data, the rate of poor sight in Shanghai primary and secondary students in the 2016-2017 school year was 57.7%. To break it down further, that’s 47.2%  of students in primary school, 75.8% in junior high school and 89.3% in senior high school. This reflects statistics across the region, which show among the economically developed cities in East Asia, myopic students account for 80% to 90% of high school graduates.


Professors Haidong Zhou and Jiangfeng Zhu, from SEDPTC, explain that myopia is due to genetic and environmental factors. Scientific evidence shows that too little outdoor activity and too much near work are the most important environmental factors that lead to myopia in children. Daily outdoor activities for 2 hours or more, enjoyed in natural lighting, can effectively reduce the risk of myopia. Professor Xu Xun, Vice President of Chinese Ophthalmological Society & Head of Myopia Intervention Project addressed the gathered crowd, telling parents and children that they should rest the eyes for 10 minutes after reading, after learning for 30-40 minutes, and limit the use of electronic products as much as possible.


Children taking part in the treasure-hunt All very good reasons why it was so important to have 1000 kids outside, enjoying the park as they rambled around the gardens to see who would be first to complete the treasure hunt (each clue included a fundus-fun fact and all who completed their puzzle received a medallion)


For those who were feeling less active, but still wanted to enjoy the outdoors, SEDPTC set-up a garden-gallery of artwork. These paintings, the best entries from a children’s art competition, highlight healthy activity as part of myopia control. Some have even been included in a mobile “classroom” – a converted shipping container replete with fundus images and graphics to educate children on healthy sight as well as the effects of various common eye diseases. This innovative unit – “Mobile Big Eye” – took centre-stage at the starting line for the treasure hunt – but from today heads off on a journey of its own around the schools of Shanghai.Mobile Big Eye

针对那些对运动缺乏兴趣但仍然喜欢户外的孩子,SEDPTC还设立了一个花园画廊。这些画作是儿童艺术大赛的最佳作品,以防控近视的健康活动为主题。有一些还被放在了一个移动的“教室“里——由一个内部贴满眼底照片和图像的集装箱改造而成,用于科普儿童健康视力以及各种常见眼部疾病的影响。这个被重点放置在在寻宝的起跑线上的创新科普单元—— “移动的大眼睛”——将从今天开始启程,前往上海各地的学校中进行巡回展览。

The day would not have been complete without the attendance of “Big Eye”, the playful mascot for SEDPTC June 6 activities, who leads the children as they hunt through the forest for their clues. Big Eye is indicative of the fun that SEDPTC brings to June 6 – an understanding that with commitment and passion and fun they have the right tools to make an impact. Its working: in his speech, Associate Director Ni Minjing from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission stressed that eye health is a very important part of the comprehensive quality of the students. On this basis, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission will strengthen communication with the relevant units of the health and family planning department and integrate scientific ideas and measures about healthy eye protection into school education.

SEDPTC 6月6日活动的卡通吉祥物“大眼仔”带领着孩子们在森林中寻找宝藏线索,为这个活动增加了更多的趣味性。“大眼仔“也象征着SEDPTC对爱眼日主题的诠释——通过对眼健康事业的热爱和全身心投入,再结合有趣的方法,就能对公众健康产生积极影响。确实如此,上海市教委倪闽景副主任在致辞中强调,眼健康是学生综合素质的重要组成部分。在此基础上,上海市教委将加强与卫生计生部门等有关单位的沟通,将科学的健康护眼观念和措施融入学校教育之中。

Well done SEDPTC, happy China National Sight Day to all our members, friends and colleagues in China and remember, in the words of Big Eye, “go sunny for sight!”


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