Formation of National Eye Committee in Indonesia

Communications Officer
Organisation: IAPB

A National Eye Committee (NEC) in Indonesia has been formed to act as a national co-ordinating body for eye health. 

The committee was created based on recommendation in a workshop supported by IAPB and organised by Indonesia Ophthalmologist Association (IOA/PERDAMI) in August 2015 in Jogjakarta. 

Irwan Hidayat, an entrepreneur, has been made counselor and Andy F Noya, a journalist and TV presenter, has been appointed as the chairman considering their contribution towards prevention of blindness in Indonesia. The members of the committee consist of representatives from Eye MD, Military MD, the banking sector and other related stake holders involved in the elimination of blindness in the country.  

The committee was endorsed by the Minister of Health, Prof. Nila Djuwita Moeloek in a formal ceremony held in October 2015.