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Published: 30.07.2018

John Trevelyan

John Trevelyan, our Fundraising and Partnerships Development Manager has retired. John joined IAPB in 2010 and managed our fundraising efforts focusing on institutional partnerships. Before IAPB, John worked for Sense, a national and international charity for people who are deafblindJohannes Trimmel, IAPB’s Director for Policy and Advocacy is also leaving IAPB.

John was also instrumental in collating and updating the IAPB Vision Atlas’ Global Action Plan indicator data, with five key indicators as well as 13 supplementary indicators. These indicators help measure progress of over 190 countries towards the Global Action Plan. John built the structure and worked with partners and IAPB regional staff to build this database. This data is also useful for global advocacy and better eye health planning. “Evidence informs better eye health planning,” John says and counts his work on the IAPB Vision Atlas, as something that is “a new level for us and our work.”

“John has been a tremendous asset to IAPB with his contributions to fundraising and developing partnerships. His work with our members and in the regions, have helped promote eye health and IAPB’s role in it. He’s made friends throughout the network. We will miss him” said Joanna Conlon, Director of Development and Communications. “We wish him the very best.”

Regional Activities

IAPB’s success in the regions have been possible due to John’s support–with advocacy and training programmes (like workshops). He has been instrumental in managing partnerships with WHO, Ministries of Health, local partners etc.

In the South-East Asia region, John’s partnership with IAPB SEA coordinator Yuddha Sapkota has led to many successful RAABs in the region. In the process, John also contributed to the prevalence studiesin Timor-Leste. The evidence generated through RAABs have helped us advocate for better eye health planning in countries. They have led to countries putting eye health policies in place(also this). They have also helped track progress for the Global Action Plan.

“John and I have worked together very successfully over the last four years on our fundraising proposals”, says Yuddha Sapkota, adding “his inputs have helped me in writing reports, preparing manuscripts for publications and planning the national level workshops in my region. He was always accessible and supportive and will be missed. I wish him an enjoyable life ahead and hope to be in touch in the future.”

In Eastern Europe, John supported the programme addressing ROP. This has involved working along with MoH to improve guidelines in neonatology, to improve practices in NICUs. Janos Nemeth, IAPB Europe Regional Chair had this to say about John, “I would like to thank you for your continued support; and appreciate your work for IAPB-Europe. Your contributions have helped us achieve a lot of success in the last 6 years. I have enjoyed working together with you in the last decade. I would like to wish you a happy life and good health for the future.”

Developing Webinars

We recently ran two webinars, International Nurses’ Day and WHO Core Competencies for Africa that generated a lot of interest. John has championed this format and believes in their ability to build relationships and share information—a key IAPB tenet. “IAPB can help our members facilitate them as a way to share knowledge”, says John.

John leaves IAPB with innumerable achievements under his belt. He helped foster a sense of camaraderie among many IAPB staff—he knew the best of art, food, music or film London has to offer. We wish John all the very best.