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IAPB Members celebrate their first anniversary with us

Published: 26.07.2018
Member interaction at CoM in Kathmandu/ Story: IAPB Members celebrate their first anniversary with us
Member interaction at the Council in Kathmandu

What does it mean to be a member of IAPB? IAPB membership means many things for many members: from the valuable partnerships they’ve forged at IAPB networking events, to the opportunities to be heard on the global stage through our advocacy efforts and relationship with the WHO. Members have benefited from webinars (A couple with WHO participation and other eye health opinion leaders,) to receiving the monthly newsletters that keep them in the loop.

For four of our IAPB Group C members, 2018 marks their first anniversary as part of the alliance and we wanted to share with the membership their thoughts and feedback on the occasion, as well as where they would like IAPB focusing in the future.

Susrut Eye Foundation

“Susrut is always endeavouring to reach out to the community. We always want to keep ourselves in the loop of what is happening on the global stage. IAPB gives us the platform to keep up with these changes and become part of the conversation. When all eye-care professionals like ophthalmologists and optometrists come together (like in IAPB meetings), we can brainstorm new approaches to serve people, providing them with quality eye care services irrespective of their financial background.”

“As IAPB members, we have had a wonderful experience. We have been able to get up to date information from the eye care community across the globe. Moreover, Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre has been able to reach out to eye care professionals at both national and international level for the eye care programmes being conducted by us.”

“For the future, we would like learn from IAPB on the following:

  1. Sustainable model in development of fixed centres and outreach activities.
  2. The concept of transforming from a free and subsidized to a paying model for making programmes self-sustainable.
  3. Maintaining quality in monitoring of post op follow up and other eye care services.
  4. Training of professionals so that they can enhance their skills and involve more professionals for the development of eye care across the community.”

Optom. Avhijit Das, Head-Low Vision & Project Manager, Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre – Joined IAPB October 2017

Dr. K. Zaman BNSB Eye Hospital

“Being an IAPB member brings us opportunities to actively engage and participate in the movement to strengthen the workforce in blindness prevention efforts globally. Being a member also adds to the credibility of our organisation at the National as well as the International level. As a member:

  • We have the opportunity to access the global network of eye care leaders and innovators from around the globe.
  • Have access to advocacy tools, such as vision atlas, evidence-based reports, global surveys and research reports, briefings etc which help us in our policy making process at the local level as well as national level.
  • Learn about best practices and innovations.
  • Keep informed about projects and initiatives developed by IAPB members around the world.
  • During the council meeting given the opportunity to meet international colleagues and exchange experiences, views and information.
  • Promotion of our events such as WSD observation through its communication channels”.

“An area of focus for IAPB can be strengthening the local level leadership in eye care to achieve universal health coverage. Amplify the voice of local level service provider by joining with others on policy and advocacy; sharing best practices and to build capacity.”

Sharifuzzaman Parag, Coordinator, Dr. K. Zaman BNSB Eye Hospital – Joined IAPB August 2017

Japan National Society for the Prevention of Blindness

“One year has passed since the Japan National Society for the Prevention of Blindness joined the IAPB. Our membership makes us part of a professional alliance which comprises of some of the best and brightest minds in creating healthy eye care communities.”

Prof Koichi Ono, General Manager, Japan National Society for the Prevention of Blindness – Joined IAPB July 2017

The Australian College of Optometry

Maureen at CoM in Kathmandu
Maureen at the Council in Kathmandu

“The Australian College of Optometry became a member of IAPB nearly 12 months ago and was represented at the 2017 Council of Members meeting in Nepal. I highly recommend new members attend the annual meeting as it provides an excellent introduction to the work of the IAPB and an opportunity to both meet other members and to get a better understanding and insight into the valuable work and opportunities for collaborations in your region(s) towards the prevention of blindness.”

Maureen O’Keefe, CEO, Australian College of Optometry – Joined IAPB January 2017

Member Calls

IAPB’s CEO, Peter Holland has been conducting phone/skype calls with the membership, offering time and space for members to collectively reflect back on their relationship with IAPB and where they think we should be focusing our efforts for the future.

As Peter’s member calls continue, we are looking forward to hearing from more members. The information and feedback we’ve received so far is greatly appreciated and we are using this to inform our future strategy as well as look to improve our communications and knowledge-sharing in the short-term.

As our four members move into their second year with IAPB, we hope to continue to support their work and to encourage them to stay connected to an ever-growing strong alliance.

If you have any questions or you’d like to join a member call please don’t hesitate to contact me: [email protected]